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2015 – Current Status

I have not visited this blog for nearly two years and glad to see it has benefited some others. As promised that I will post how is it like today. See photo below on how the foreskin able to pullback even when it fully erected. I feel more comfortable pulling back the foreskin although it still feel tight. Usually I pullback the foreskin to clean underneath when I shower and not in erected mode. I just doing this in this photo  to show the extreme. I hope I will remember to visit here more frequent to answer any question but my approach already posted here and it can be easily followed. I understand everyone is different and my approach may not work for you but you can improvise or visit a urologist for advice. I am not providing any medical advises here. This post is to reassure you that once you able to pullback your foreskin and do it frequently enough, it just get easier.

I set all comments to be moderated because there are many unnecessary comments which has nothing to do with this blog. In my view, this is a long term exercise and not to hurry or pressure yourself to able to reach your goal. The more stressful you get, the harder it may take to get there. So, take it easy. Go to a spa and enjoy the steam room before stretching your foreskin. Make love to your partner more frequent and share your little achievement. All this adds up in the end.

Good luck with in your journey!

foreskin pullback


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Many months later :)

Sorry that I didn’t update this blog frequent enough. I was quite discouraged although the initial success. I can stretch back the foreskin down below the forehead before erection. However, when fully erect, it is really tight somehow. I give up in the end.

Then come early this year, I attempted the same practice. This time I left my foreskin stretched below the forehead for quite awhile(like few hours). I notice I can do this for longer period after about a week. Finally, I was able to have the foreskin stretch down the forehead even at full erection. Now I can have sex more comfortably without the foreskin partially cover the head.

I hope whoever in same situation as me should not give up on this method which is completely surgery free and no steroid cream or whatsoever.

Here is some comments from previous post,
1. When you first started stretching the foreskin, how did you do it?
Ans: Initially I tried when my penis is flacid and with some warm water. The progress is slow. Then I tried going into the steam room after each gym session. I notice the foreskin is softer and able to stretch better. That is how it started and it gets better and better. This is how I finally did it on second attempt.

2. Did you pull the skin back by pulling the skin down on the penis? or did you pull the foreskin away from the body ?
Ans: Saw some articles that before pulling the skin downwards, we should pull the skin away to stretch it a little. Something like warming up before any exercise. I guess this depends how much foreskin you have covering the penis. For my case, quite a bit.:)

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Not so painful anymore

I tried have sex with my foreskin pull back. The frenulum part is not as painful anymore. I could not enjoy sex with the foreskin pull back, i think the skin is still tight and squeezing my penis that I cannot feel much. There is no sensation like with the old time (foreskin covered).

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Now what!

I felt some pain when my foreskin is pulled back during complete eraction. The pain lies at the frenulum area (that’s what I learn from the anatomy of penis). I am not sure if this is due to short frenulum but have to give some time to assess the situation. Hope the pain go away soon. According to the statistics, 5% men have this condition which require simple day surgery. Hope I don’t have to go that way.

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Jul 4 – updates with pictures

See some photos of how the penis looks like when the foreskin is pulled. The skin is still tight when pulling back and forth but I feel more comfortable with the technique now and less worry for paraphimosis.

I still could not pull the foreskin completely behind the head when my penis is eracted.

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10 days later progress

It has been 10 days since I successfully pull back the foreskin when my penis is flacid. I did not plan for this but it happens when I have sex with my wife. I see that the foreskin pull back even when my penis is fully eract. I asked my wife how she feels with the new discovery, she says sex is better. I notice the head of my penis is bigger with the foreskin being pull back, so I am happy with the results.

Seeing the results also make me worry, as the skin is tight, I could not pull forward the foreskin to cover the head of my penis easily. Even now, I worry the foreskin get stuck behind the head. This is call para-phimosis as I research in the internet.

I hope more practice over time will give me the confidence. For someone who considering circumcission, I hope my progress will lead you to try a non-surgical method. The experience is great. Able to stretch the skin backward and forward is fun. Even for musturbation. haha…

My tip is do some exercise like jogging or cycling, then go to steam room and take hot shower before attempting to strech the foreskin. That’s how it works for me. I will post some photos soon…

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Jun 16 – Great progress when penis is flacid

Thought it will take longer time to success but today I make great progress. I went to gym and spend few minutes in the steam room. Then I try retracting the foreskin when my penis is completely flacid. To my surprise I can retract beyond the head of my penis without any pain but the feeling is strange seeing my own penis without foreskin. I tried again at home and took some photos. Sorry for the blur photos, it shows how panic I am. Once my penis eract, I can feel the tightness of the foreskin. I immediately pull the foreskin forward so that my foreskin won’t stuck behind the head.

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