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10 days later progress

It has been 10 days since I successfully pull back the foreskin when my penis is flacid. I did not plan for this but it happens when I have sex with my wife. I see that the foreskin pull back even when my penis is fully eract. I asked my wife how she feels with the new discovery, she says sex is better. I notice the head of my penis is bigger with the foreskin being pull back, so I am happy with the results.

Seeing the results also make me worry, as the skin is tight, I could not pull forward the foreskin to cover the head of my penis easily. Even now, I worry the foreskin get stuck behind the head. This is call para-phimosis as I research in the internet.

I hope more practice over time will give me the confidence. For someone who considering circumcission, I hope my progress will lead you to try a non-surgical method. The experience is great. Able to stretch the skin backward and forward is fun. Even for musturbation. haha…

My tip is do some exercise like jogging or cycling, then go to steam room and take hot shower before attempting to strech the foreskin. That’s how it works for me. I will post some photos soon…


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Jun 16 – Great progress when penis is flacid

Thought it will take longer time to success but today I make great progress. I went to gym and spend few minutes in the steam room. Then I try retracting the foreskin when my penis is completely flacid. To my surprise I can retract beyond the head of my penis without any pain but the feeling is strange seeing my own penis without foreskin. I tried again at home and took some photos. Sorry for the blur photos, it shows how panic I am. Once my penis eract, I can feel the tightness of the foreskin. I immediately pull the foreskin forward so that my foreskin won’t stuck behind the head.

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Jun 10 – not much progress

Seems like can strect back further but not much.

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Jun 6 – After few days of foreskin stretching

I started stretching my foreskin for past few days. I pull the foreskin backwards for a short period (10 to 15 seconds) everytime after I pee. Seems some progress here but works only when penis is completely flacid.

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Progress of retracting foreskin due to Phimosis. (Jun 1)

This is how my penis looks like when flaccid and eracted before I start stretching my foreskin to retract it. I feel pain if I try to retract the foreskin further. Hence, I have not seen what’s under the foreskin except for one incident many years ago.

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