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Not so painful anymore

I tried have sex with my foreskin pull back. The frenulum part is not as painful anymore. I could not enjoy sex with the foreskin pull back, i think the skin is still tight and squeezing my penis that I cannot feel much. There is no sensation like with the old time (foreskin covered).


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Now what!

I felt some pain when my foreskin is pulled back during complete eraction. The pain lies at the frenulum area (that’s what I learn from the anatomy of penis). I am not sure if this is due to short frenulum but have to give some time to assess the situation. Hope the pain go away soon. According to the statistics, 5% men have this condition which require simple day surgery. Hope I don’t have to go that way.

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Jul 4 – updates with pictures

See some photos of how the penis looks like when the foreskin is pulled. The skin is still tight when pulling back and forth but I feel more comfortable with the technique now and less worry for paraphimosis.

I still could not pull the foreskin completely behind the head when my penis is eracted.

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