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Many months later :)

Sorry that I didn’t update this blog frequent enough. I was quite discouraged although the initial success. I can stretch back the foreskin down below the forehead before erection. However, when fully erect, it is really tight somehow. I give up in the end.

Then come early this year, I attempted the same practice. This time I left my foreskin stretched below the forehead for quite awhile(like few hours). I notice I can do this for longer period after about a week. Finally, I was able to have the foreskin stretch down the forehead even at full erection. Now I can have sex more comfortably without the foreskin partially cover the head.

I hope whoever in same situation as me should not give up on this method which is completely surgery free and no steroid cream or whatsoever.

Here is some comments from previous post,
1. When you first started stretching the foreskin, how did you do it?
Ans: Initially I tried when my penis is flacid and with some warm water. The progress is slow. Then I tried going into the steam room after each gym session. I notice the foreskin is softer and able to stretch better. That is how it started and it gets better and better. This is how I finally did it on second attempt.

2. Did you pull the skin back by pulling the skin down on the penis? or did you pull the foreskin away from the body ?
Ans: Saw some articles that before pulling the skin downwards, we should pull the skin away to stretch it a little. Something like warming up before any exercise. I guess this depends how much foreskin you have covering the penis. For my case, quite a bit.:)


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